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Disability Conversions in:

Disability Conversions Bean, Disability Conversions Bearsted, Disability Conversions Blue Bell Hill, Disability Conversions Chalk, Disability Conversions Chatham, Disability Conversions Cobham, Disability Conversions Cuxton, Disability Conversions Ebbsfleet, Disability Conversions Fawkham, Disability Conversions Gillingham, Disability Conversions Halling, Disability Conversions Hawley, Disability Conversions Joydens Wood, Disability Conversions Lordswood, Disability Conversions New Eltham, Disability Conversions Rainham, Disability Conversions Shorne, Disability Conversions Snodland, Disability Conversions Southfleet, Disability Conversions Sutton at Hone, Disability Conversions Walderslade, Disability Conversions Wilmington,

House Extensions in:

House Extension in Bean, House Extension in Bearsted, House Extension in Blue Bell Hill, House Extension in Canterbury, House Extension in Chalk, House Extension in Chatham, House Extension in Cobham, House Extension in Cuxton, House Extension in Deal, House Extension in Ebbsfleet, House Extension in Fawkham, House Extension in Gillingham, House Extension in Halling, House Extension in Hawley, House Extension in Herne Bay, House Extension in Joydens Wood, House Extension in Loose, House Extension in Lordswood, House Extension in Maidstone, House Extension in New Eltham, House Extension in Park Wood, House Extension in Rainham, House Extension in Shepway, House Extension in Shorne, House Extension in Snodland, House Extension in Southfleet, House Extension in Sutton-at-Hone, House Extension in Walderslade, House Extension in Whitstable, House Extension in Wilmington,

Loft Conversions in:

Loft Conversions in Bean, Loft Conversions in Bearsted, Loft Conversions in Blue Bell Hill, Loft Conversions in Canterbury, Loft Conversions in Chalk, Loft Conversions in Chatham, Loft Conversions in Cobham, Loft Conversions in Cuxton, Loft Conversions in Deal, Loft Conversions in Ebbsfleet, Loft Conversions in Fawkham, Loft Conversions in Gillingham, Loft Conversions in Halling, Loft Conversions in Hawley, Loft Conversions in Herne Bay, Loft Conversions in Joydens Wood, Loft Conversions in Loose, Loft Conversions in Lordswood, Loft Conversions in Maidstone, Loft Conversions in New Eltham, Loft Conversions in Park Wood, Loft Conversions in Rainham, Loft Conversions in Shepway, Loft Conversions in Shorne, Loft Conversions in Snodland, Loft Conversions in Southfleet, Loft Conversions in Sutton-at-Hone, Loft Conversions in Walderslade, Loft Conversions in Whitstable, Loft Conversions in Wilmington,

Roof Protection in:

Roof Protection in Bean, Roof Protection in Bearsted, Roof Protection in Blue Bell Hill, Roof Protection in Canterbury, Roof Protection in Chalk, Roof Protection in Chatham, Roof Protection in Cobham, Roof Protection in Cuxton, Roof Protection in Deal, Roof Protection in Ebbsfleet, Roof Protection in Fawkham, Roof Protection in Gillingham, Roof Protection in Halling, Roof Protection in Hawley, Roof Protection in Herne Bay, Roof Protection in Joyden’s Wood, Roof Protection in Loose, Roof Protection in Lordswood, Roof Protection in Maidstone, Roof Protection in New Eltham, Roof Protection in Park Wood, Roof Protection in Rainham, Roof Protection in Shepway, Roof Protection in Shorne, Roof Protection in Snodland, Roof Protection in Southfleet, Roof Protection in Sutton at Hone, Roof Protection in Walderslade, Roof Protection in Whitstable, Roof Protection in Wilmington,

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Samantha Groombridge

“Real Renovations are polite, reliable and punctual. Gary and his team worked in a professional fashion and cleaned up and removed rubbish at the end of each days work. Quality of workmanship was excellent on all the jobs undertaken. Quotes for jobs very reasonable and competitive. I hope to engage his services for other major building projects required about the house and I would have no hesitation recommending “